6th October 2016
Autumn Garden Tasks

Following some warmer days last month, the cooler weather has now certainly arrived, bringing with it the feelings of Autumn. With the trees are changing colour and the softer sunlight, it makes for a... read more

27th September 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vegetable Patch

Want to shun the supermarkets and start growing your own tasty veg at home? A vegetable patch is the way forward. If you’re wondering where to start, Compost Direct is here with our ultimate guide... read more

27th September 2016
What is the best compost for growing vegetables?

Whether you’re growing tomatoes or turnips, carrots or cucumbers, getting your soil right is vital for growing bumper batches of tasty veg. Because vegetables require a lot of nutrients to grow to... read more

27th September 2016
How gardening can help you overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

With summer a distant memory, many of us are starting to look forward to cosy nights in and Christmas. However, for a significant proportion of the British population, it’s a very different story.... read more

27th September 2016
How to improve your soil

The key to growing healthy plants and bumper batches of vegetables is your soil. Not all soil is the same and the type you have can seriously affect the growth of your plants. Here, Compost Direct shares... read more

27th September 2016
Montreal: the model city for compost?

We’re all aware of the importance of recycling, yet it seems that some cities are more forward-thinking in their approach to going green than others. Take Montreal, for example — their attitudes... read more

27th September 2016
Fertiliser vs compost: what’s the difference?

As gardeners, we all want to provide the optimum environment for our plants to grow. However, with so many tips and tricks out there, it’s difficult to know what advice we should follow. If you’re... read more

16th June 2016
Garden for health & happiness

Garden for health & happiness   In our increasingly high-tech, sedentary world, gardening is like a breath of fresh air. It’s not only fun and rewarding, it’s good for both mental and physical health too. But have... read more

25th February 2016
'Dig for Victory' before Spring

Digging can be hard work but the benefits to your garden, not to mention to your own fitness, make it all worthwhile. Good healthy soil is full of life and high levels of organic matter. Digging... read more

19th January 2015
The Growth of Allotments

read more

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