Horticultural Grit

British Made Organic Peat Free

A 1-4mm washed grit with neutral pH for improving soil structure.

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All Year 5cm Dig In Top Dress > 15 sq m Best on Clay Soil Improvement

What is horticultural grit?

Horticultural grit is a key element in all soils to add improve structure and drainage, while providing small pockets to hold essential air and water.

Compost Direct’s horticultural grit has been washed, so it is free from lime and other elements. This gives it a neutral pH that will not affect soil acidity levels.

Why use horticultural grit?

Soil structure is of the utmost importance to an impressive garden. Horticultural grit can help with this, providing these key benefits:

  • Neutral pH
  • Opens up heavy clay soils
  • Improves drainage
  • Helps reduce ‘clumping’ in sticky clay soils
  • Easy to work and rake out

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Soil structure is the foundation of a healthy and productive garden. Horticultural Sand can help with these key benefits;

  • Neutral pH
  • Opens up heavy clay soils
  • Improves drainage
  • Helps reduce ‘clumping’ in sticky clay soils
  • Easy to work and rake out
  • Also suitable as a lawn dressing

How to use Horticultural Sand...

For improving soil structure in beds; simply rake out a layer of 20-50mm and dig through the top fork depth of soil.

For top dressing lawns; first spike lawn with fork or machine then work sand in to holes with lawn rake. Also see our Lawn Dressing.

When to use Horticultural Sand...

It is suitable for use all year round.

Product Guidance

  • Ideally use within 1 year of purchase.
  • As with all gardening activities, please wear gloves and wash hands when finished and before eating or drinking any thing.
  • Store unused products away from potential contamination such as chemicals or weed killers.
  • To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and children.
  • As with all natural materials, photos may vary slightly from the actual product.
  • Product can be applied safely in gardens with animals and children. Some animals may be attracted to manures – manure can be dug in to reduce the attraction although it will not be harmful to them.
  • During storage, organic materials may develop a white mould, this is completely natural and harmless and will soon disappear when agitated.
  • When soil is disturbed and organic matter applied, mushrooms and other types on fungi may temporarily appear. This is great news as the natural soil web is returning to your garden, just hoe them over and they will disappear. They are harmless.
Nige the gardener said...
"Great service and the sand was perfect. Used a bulk bag to level the lawn and prevent grounding with the mower. Spread very easy and mixed well with qualcast premium top soil. Definitely use compost direct again."
Star Rating 5
Horticultural Grit
Horticultural GritHorticultural Grit Bag

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