Multi-purpose Topsoil

British Made Organic Peat Free

A perfect blend of high grade soil and compost, producing a balanced soil with a high organic matter content. Ideal for use all round the garden, filling containers, topping up beds, infilling, under turf etc.

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What is multi-purpose topsoil?

Topsoil is the outmost layer of the soil, generally the top depth of 50 – 200mm. High in micro-organisms and organic matter, it provides the ideal conditions for plants to set root.

Compost Direct’s multi-purpose topsoil has been blended with compost to create a light soil that is ready for use.

Why use multi-purpose topsoil?

Blended with compost, our multi-purpose topsoil has a number of benefits, including:

  • Ready for use
  • Ideal for filling containers and general garden use.
  • Contains a high level of organic matter with naturally slow-releasing nutrients
  • Peat-free
  • Easy to work and rake out
  • Fine and friable to make seed beds
  • Well-structured to allow aeration, drainage and root development
  • Minimal stone content
  • High levels of organic matter containing a natural nitrogen source
  • Saves digging time as pre-blended with compost

 Make Compost Direct your first choice for multi-purpose topsoil today!

Sufficient Top Soil is the foundation of a healthy and productive garden. Our Multipurpose Top Soil is blended with compost and has a number of benefits;

  • Ready for use
  • Ideal for filling containers and general garden use.
  • Contains a high organic matter content with naturally slow releasing nutrients
  • Peat free
  • Easy to work and rake out
  • Fine and friable to make seed beds
  • Well structured to allow aeration, drainage and root development
  • Minimal stone content
  • High levels of organic matter containing a natural nitrogen source
  • Saves digging time as pre-blended with compost

How to use Multipurpose Top Soil...

Multipurpose Top Soil can be simply raked out or incorporated into the existing soil.

For landscaping and restoring areas for planting, use the top soil to improve quality or build up existing soil by raking out between 50 – 200 mm in depth of top soil depending upon existing soil quality. Try to cultivate existing soil before applying new top soil so as to avoid creating a hard pan in the sub layer.

For creating raised beds, fill the bottom 150 – 200 mm of the bed with stoney soil, gravel or broken brick to provide drainage and create a sub layer (our Top Soil standard grade will be ideal for this with some added broken bricks or stones from the garden). Fill a further 150 – 200 mm with top soil or Multipurpose Top Soil ready for planting.

For establishing vegetable patches, simply dig over area of existing soil and rake out Multipurpose Top Soil to a depth of 100 – 200 mm then allow soil to settle for a short period before planting.

When to use Multipurpose Top Soil...

It is suitable for use all year round.

Product Guidance

  • Ideally use within 1 year of purchase.
  • As with all gardening activities, please wear gloves and wash hands when finished and before eating or drinking any thing.
  • Store unused products away from potential contamination such as chemicals or weed killers.
  • To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and children.
  • As with all natural materials, photos may vary slightly from the actual product.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the compost contains no germs, sharp fragments, toxins or regenerative plant parts. However the compost producer can not guarantee that they will never be present. As with all products of this type, wear gloves when handling and wash hands after use.
  • Some animals may be attracted to manures – manure can be dug in to reduce the attraction although it will not be harmful to them.
  • During storage, organic materials may develop a white mould, this is completely natural and harmless and will soon disappear when agitated.
  • When soil is disturbed and organic matter applied, mushrooms and other types on fungi may temporarily appear. This is great news as the natural soil web is returning to your garden, just hoe them over and they will disappear. They are harmless.
Kelli Douglas said...
"Excellent quality topsoil for our raised veg beds. Ornamental bark was also excellent. Couldn't hope for a better product.Delivery was prompt and although no crane for our delivery area any longer, he was able to use big trolley to manoeuvre into a convenient place. This is my 4th purchase and also have received excellent products time after time. Excellent value for money compared to other companies too!"
Star Rating 5
Sarah Cooper said...
"Great product, very helpful staff. The delivery driver was incredibly helpful and friendly. Will definitely be ordering again!!"
Star Rating 5
Angus Cunningham said...
"We are very happy with the customer service and products from Compost Direct. They worked with us in regards delivery and the product was in great condition. We are not experienced gardeners at all but the website information and the products did help us to get our lawn in place and looks brilliant! Totally recommend this site. "
Star Rating 5
dave young said...
"lovely all round product great for borders, planters, containers etc delivery man very helpful would use compost direct again."
Star Rating 5
Robert Shepherd said...
"Two bulk bags of premium topsoil delivered as promised by friendly, helpful driver who dropped in an even more convenient place than I thought possible. Filled two raised beds this weekend and it looks, feels and smells like good stuff. Roll on sowing time."
Star Rating 5
Sara said...
"Great service and product. Will definitely use again. "
Star Rating 5
sean said...
"Excellent service, communication and delivery. Will definitely use compost direct again for all future garden needs"
Star Rating 5
colin said...
"Excellent service and very quick delivery"
Star Rating 5
adrian said...
"Clear website, easy to order.Delivery to my driveway was no problem to the delivery driver. If I need more bulk delivery of gardening products I will deffo use Compost Direct again."
Star Rating 5
amelia said...
"Bags of goodness delivered straight to y our door"
Star Rating 5
laura flanagan said...
"Great soil, easy website, fast delivery will b back soon."
Star Rating 5
david said...
"loved the product did exactly what it said on the website very quick delivery"
Star Rating 5
steve said...
" I was very pleased with both your service and the quality of the product"
Star Rating 5
Multi-purpose Topsoil
Multi-purpose TopsoilMulti-purpose Topsoil

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