Border Gold

The perfect blend for topping up and improving your borders and flower beds around the garden.

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The perfect blend for topping up and improving your borders and flower beds around the garden.


What is Border Gold...

Border Gold is a soil based blend design specifically for topping up and giving a boost to garden borders and flower beds. Its soil base will boost your existing soil levels, whilst the added nutrients from the organic matter will enrich the soil and enhance the soil properties.

Our Border Gold is pre-mixed to a consistent formulated blend specifically to top up garden borders and beds;

  • Adds to existing soil levels
  • Improves soil structure by adding a well structured blend
  • Adds natural humus and slow releasing essential plant nutrients to the soil
  • Boosts soil activity
  • Aids drainage through adding a well structured blend.
  • Helps reduce compaction of old soil
  • Ideal for London clay gardens and allotment, or sandy or reclaimed soils.
  • Attracts worms to soil.
  • Weed free
  • British produced, with no added chemicals

Either spread on top of existing beds to required depth, or dig in to existing soil for immediate benefits.

Product Guidance

  • Ideally use within 1 year of purchase.
  • As with all gardening activities, please wear gloves and wash hands when finished and before eating or drinking any thing.
  • Store unused products away from potential contamination such as chemicals or weed killers.
  • To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and children.
  • As with all natural materials, photos may vary slightly from the actual product.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the compost contains no germs, sharp fragments, toxins or regenerative plant parts. However the compost producer can not guarantee that they will never be present. As with all products of this type, wear gloves when handling and wash hands after use.
  • Some animals may be attracted to manures – manure can be dug in to reduce the attraction although it will not be harmful to them.
  • During storage, organic materials may develop a white mould, this is completely natural and harmless and will soon disappear when agitated.
  • When soil is disturbed and organic matter applied, mushrooms and other types on fungi may temporarily appear. This is great news as the natural soil web is returning to your garden, just hoe them over and they will disappear. They are harmless.
Chris T said...
"Perfect - does the job just as promised and delivered on time! Top marks!"
Star Rating 5
Jean Cragg said...
"Very pleased with this compost, perfect for topping up a flower bed, very good customer service. Delivered exactly as requested in my absence. "
Star Rating 5
Thomas said...
"Ive bought my compost from this company for many years and have always had great results. Excellent service and quality composts"
Star Rating 5
Robert Skinner said...
"Really pleased with product. Was kept informed about delivery. Well done Compost Direct"
Star Rating 5
Charlie H said...
"Lovely dark soil, just what my borders needed"
Star Rating 5
Helen SMith said...
"Another super delivery from compost direct. This is my 4th order and will no doubt order again in the spring. Highly recommended"
Star Rating 5
Tom ONeill said...
"Excellent help from the sales to team to calculate how much I needed for my garden. Had just the right amount delivered and soil looks greats, thanks again"
Star Rating 5
colin fairweather said...
"I topped up my borders with border gold its definately lifted my soil levels and added nutrients to my soil great product highly recommended."
Star Rating 5
judy said...
"loved the product does exactly what it said on the website looks fab and very quick delivery would use compost direct again"
Star Rating 5
Border Gold

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