Success of Jubilee Compost gives it main listing...

Success of Jubilee Compost gives it main listing...

Following the launch of the Jubilee Compost in April to mark the Queens Jubilee celebrations, popularity for the new blend has grown. The continued demand for the blend has resulted in it now being listed as a mainline product amongst the best sellers at Compost Direct.

A product to opening up heavy soils was identified by customers as one of their biggest challenges, with often the need to be shopping round for a soil improving product and also a horticultural sand. The Jubilee Compost with added Great British grit has been able to successfully tackle the job in a single dig.

Below is some more information on the Jubilee Compost showing just why it has become such a popular blend;

This product is a finely graded soil improver, made from naturally composted organic matter with added grit to help open up heavy clay soils. It is a peat free and environmentally friendly product.

What is Garden Compost with added Grit...
A soil conditioner or soil improver is a substance produced from organic matter which when dug into and mixed with soil helps to improve the soil properties and add slow releasing nutrients. A washed grit has been blended in to create the ultimate product opening up heavy and sticky clay soils.

Why use Garden Compost with added Grit...
Garden Compost enhances and restores a range of natural properties within the soil;

  • Specially formulated for London Clay soils.
  • Added grit to open soil and improve drainage.
  • Helps reduce compaction of dense soils
  • Contains naturally slow releasing nitrogen
  • A source of bulky organic matter
  • Adds natural humus and humus makers back to the soil
  • Improves moisture retention, making water easily available for plant roots
  • Aids drainage by restoring structure of soil.
  • Weed free
  • British sustainably sourced materials with no added chemicals.
7th September 2012

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