Everyone, including businesses, have an important role to play in looking after our planet.


Here are things we’re doing about reducing our environmental impact;


Climate Neutral 


We're undergoing certification to measure, offset and reduce our carbon footprint.

Initially by measuring and offsetting our historic carbon footprint, then investing in plans to reduce our ongoing impact.


1% For The Planet


We’re giving back by investing 1% of sales revenue into environmental projects through 1% For The Planet scheme.


100% Peat Free Products


We’ve dropped all products that contain peat or reduced peat.


Peatlands play an important role in carbon draw-down and biodiversity. Using peat free products will help towards the UK ambitions of protecting and restoring our remaining peat bogs.


Reduced Plastic Packaging


We’ve dropped our “grab bag” range until a plastic free alternative can be found.


All our products are now in bulk bags only. Whilst the bulk bags are still plastic (polyeurothene) for the moment, one bulk bag can save the plastic on as many as 40 small grab bags.



British Standard Certified Composts


We’re committed to supplying only British Standard Certified composts which are suitable for use in Organic gardens.


Zero Waste Pallet Packaging


We’ve minimised our packaging and paperwork used with each delivery.


Our wooden pallets are considered zero waste, as once you have dropped them at your local recycling centre they will be collected and reused for another delivery.


 Bag Recycling Scheme


We’ve launched our bulk bag recycling scheme to help reuse or recycling the plastic waste that we are curently unable to avoid.


Re-using your empty bulk bag around the garden is the best way to give the bag a second life.


If you no longer have a use for it and are unable to take it to a local recycling centre, please return the bag to us and we will reuse good condition bags where we can and responsibly recycle bags at the end of their life.