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Black GoldBlack Gold
Best Seller
Black Gold
A premium blend of fine soil improver and composted manure, perfect for putting life back into tired, heavy or light soils.
Soil ConditionerSoil Conditioner
Best Buy
Soil Conditioner
This product is a finely graded soil improver, made from naturally composted organic matter. It is a peat free and environmentally friendly product.

Garden Favourite
This product is a moist, well rotted farmyard manure which is rich and full of slow releasing natural plant nutrients.
Bark ChipsBark Chips
Bark Chips
A high grade, natural, decorative bark, suitable for borders, paths and mulching.

A natural fertiliser high in phosphorus excellent for root establishment. Perfect for helping establish plants after planting. Suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables.
Border GoldBorder Gold
Border Gold
The perfect blend for topping up and improving your borders and flower beds around the garden.

Farmyard ManureFarmyard Manure
Farmyard Manure
This product is a nutrient rich soil improver based on composted horse manure. It is rich and full of slow releasing natural plant nutrients.
Growmore Plant FeedGrowmore Plant Feed
Best Buy
Growmore Plant Feed
A multipurpose fertiliser containing all major nutrients for rapid healthy growth. Perfect for encouraging higher yields and brighter bigger blooms. Suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Composted BarkComposted Bark
Composted Bark
A high grade, fine natural composted bark, suitable for weed suppression, moisture retention and decoration.
Winter CompostWinter Compost
Best for Winter
Winter Compost
An organic compost mulch ideal for leaving on the surface or digging in. It will help suppress weed growth, feed the topsoil and help insulate and protect root area during frosty periods.