Garden and Play Bark

If you’re tidying your borders and paths, why not try our high-quality ornamental garden bark? Or, to use around a children’s play area, try our long-lasting play bark chips. Browse Compost Direct’s range of bulk bags below. 

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Ornamental Decorative BarkOrnamental Decorative Bark
Ornamental Decorative Bark
A high grade, natural, decorative bark, suitable for borders, paths and mulching.
Landscaping Garden BarkLandscaping Garden Bark
Best Buy
Landscaping Garden Bark
An economical decorative landscaping material containing a mixture of pine bark and natural wood fractions.

Garden Favourite
Compost Direct’s garden bark mulch is a coarse organic surface mulch that will help suppress weed growth and feed the topsoil. It also helps insulate and protect root area during frosty periods.