Bag Re-Use & Recycling Scheme

Bag Re-Use & Recycling Scheme

Extracting and processing raw materials accelerates the environmental crisis we face. We are moving towards 100% renewable and recycled materials in our packaging.



Whilst our bulk bags are currently polypropylene, it is a widely recyclable material and easily repurposed. In addition, by using bulk bags only rather than grab bags we have been able to reduce our overall plastic use.


We have committed to a bulk bag material containing 30% recycled polypropylene and are actively seeking to further improve on this as new material become available in the bulk bag market.


Please pay your part by repurposing the bulk bag after using your compost. If you are unable to reuse your bag around the garden or in other projects, please take it to a recycling centre so the material can be reused in other products and reduce the demand on raw materials.


Where recycling centres are not available, we are happy to have back the empty bags and we will reuse those in good condition and responsibly recycle the bags at the end of their life.


Please post your bags back to us at the address below and we will send you a voucher as a small thank you for doing your part.


Compost Direct Ltd, Fold Farm, Galley Lane, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 4RA