Autumn Garden Tasks

Following some warmer days last month, the cooler weather has now certainly arrived, bringing with it the feelings of Autumn. With the trees are changing colour and the softer sunlight, it makes for a very picturesque time to get out in garden. Plus there are plenty of jobs to be doing!


Beds and borders will need frost proofing before the winter arrives to protect roots and dormant bulbs from the harshest of weather. Our Black Gold is an perfect product for this, insulating the soil from frost and slowly nourishing it over winter.


Empty beds and veg patches can be turned over to incorporate organic matter, giving them plenty of time to settle before planting in the Spring.


After harvesting the last of your apples, pears and other fruits, perennial plants will need cutting back, along with pruning roses and making the final cuts to any hedges!


With lawn growth now slowing up, it is a perfect time for some lawn maintenance by top dressing with a quality Lawn Dressing to invigorate the grass and promote new growth.


Browse our soil conditioner range and get all you need for your Autumn garden jobs now!

6th October 2016

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