Guardian paper recommends for soil improver

Guardian paper recommends for soil improver

“Front Gardens – create a great a first impression”

“Making best use of your front garden is often overlooked...but with a bit of TLC not only can this space be turned into a useful and attractive area it can also add value to your home” says the Guardian.

The Guardian then goes on to write that tackling the front garden for an overhaul can present a number of challenges, one of the main being soil quality. With front garden soil often being compacted, dry and dusty, plenty of organic matter needs adding before beginning planting. An organic soil improver, such as Garden Compost Soil Improver from will help rejuvenate lifeless soils.

Garden Compost Soil Improver

This product is a finely graded soil improver, made from naturally composted organic matter. It is a peat free and environmentally friendly product.

What is Soil Improver...
A soil conditioner or soil improver is a substance produced from organic matter which when dug into and mixed with soil helps to improve the soil properties and add slow releasing nutrients. It has been naturally composted to destroy any weed seeds.

Why use Soil Improver...
Soil improver enhances and restores a range of natural properties within the soil;

  • Adds natural humus and humus makers back to the soil 
  • Improves moisture retention, making water easily available for plant roots
  • Increases nutrient retention by reducing nutrients leaching away from roots, particularly in sandy soils.
  • A source of bulky organic matter
  • Contains naturally slow releasing nitrogen
  • Aids drainage by restoring structure of soil.
  • Opens up heavy clay soils
  • Helps reduce compaction of dense soils
  • Ideal for London clay gardens and allotment, or sandy or reclaimed soils.
  • Weed free
  • British sustainably sourced materials with no added chemicals.
5th September 2012

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